My Hero Academia Reveals Eri's Most Selfless Gift

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 reveals Eri's most selfless sacrifice yet!

My Hero Academia is now in the midst of a major twist of the final battle in the manga overall, and the newest chapter surprised with Eri's most selfless gift yet! Eri has been a very important character to the franchise ever since she was introduced during the events of the Shie Hassaikai arc, and it's been teased that her Rewind quirk would eventually play some kind of role in the finale given that she has the power to literally rewind a person's body. Now it's finally time for all of this to come to pass as the final battle is here. 

My Hero Academia saw Izuku Midoriya fighting his hardest against Tomura Shigaraki, and previous chapters of the series teased that Eri was somehow looking to help Deku win this final battle. But while she's being kept far from the main battlefield itself, the newest chapter reveals a way that Eri found to actually help Deku when he was most in need as she's selflessly given up her horn (at the possible risk to her quirk's power) in order to rewind Deku's body just in time. 

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My Hero Academia 420: Eri's Broken Horn Explained

My Hero Academia Chapter 420 goes back a bit before Shota Aizawa warped to the battlefield where Deku and All For One are fighting, and Deku had completely lost both of his arms. Eri runs up to Aizawa and says that while she can't go to the battlefield, she wants to help and hands him her broken off horn. She figured out how to detach her horn, and Aizawa worries that she's damaged her quirk for good as a result. But while she couldn't help All Might or Bakugo, she knows she can help Deku. 

It's explained that the power within Eri's horn is nearly useless and will only rewind someone a couple of minutes at the most, but when made contact with Deku's body, it starts to restore his lost arms as it's just the perfect amount of time to go back. While Deku heals his body, Eri's power came in handy at just the right time as it's time for the true final fight to begin. 

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