My Hero Academia Fans Have Found a Special Detail on Izuku's New Suit

My Hero Academia fans know the series is one where every detail counts. Creator Kohei Horikoshi is known to hide all sorts of references and nods in the manga, after all. The artist has turned his fans into amateur sleuths at this point, and one fan got the whole community buzzing recently after finding a special detail in Izuku's suit.

As you can see below, the detail was brought up on Twitter courtesy of izukanee. It was there fans noticed Izuku has integrated a piece from his former look into this new one. After all, the hero did ditch his metal faceguard during his vigilante stint, but that has all changed now that the final war has come to light.

It is hard to see, but the broken guard is seen around Izuku's neck in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. The mask, which now works as a collar brace, is chipped and jagged at the sides. It appears to hold Gran Torino's cape in place, and it serves as a reminder of all Izuku has accomplished up until now.

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After all, the guard was part of Izuku's very first suit, and it was meant to homage All Might. Our hero has been set on becoming a pro who can save others with a smile, and Izuku has managed the feat time and again. However, it can be hard to smile under pressure, and his face guard resembled a smile to make up for any slack. 

Now, the smile might be cracked, but it lives on nevertheless. After ditching the guard during his solo arc in My Hero Academia, its return brings All Might and Izuku back together in an oddly satisfying way. After all, All Might is the one who found the mask abandoned back in Kamino Ward, so we're glad the Symbol of Peace return that piece of himself to Izuku ahead of his final stand.

Did you notice this little detail about Izuku's outfit? How do you like the hero's new costume? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.