My Hero Academia Shows How Far Izuku Will Go to Beat Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is the stuff of nightmares for any hero, and fans of My Hero Academia know that well. The character's crazed personality and hellbent desire to upturn society are dangerous, to say the least. When that is paired with his lack of empathy, you can see why guys like All Might want Shigaraki stopped ASAP, and that is why the series just showed how far Izuku will go to take the baddie down.

The baddie got a status update recently thanks to chapter 285. The pivotal chapter followed Izuku and Shigaraki as they continued their battle with one another. The stakes are high as the villain promises to decay everyone in sight should he touch the ground. So to keep himself and his friends alive, Izuku is doing all he can to keep Shigaraki airborne.

Of course, such a task is not easy, and that means Izuku is working overtime despite his limits. In fact, the boy has pushed back those limits already, and he is running on pure fear and adrenaline at this point. Izuku is willing to sacrifice his arms if it means keeping the baddie at bay, and the hope is that Izuku can stop him right now. Of course, that doesn't seem likely given Shigaraki's endgame status, but My Hero Academia fans are not sure how Izuku will be after this fight.

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That is because Izuku is using his arms to their absolute limit, and they were already worse for wear to start. The boy mangled his arms really well during his early days. The chapter begins with an ominous warning about how tenuous Izuku's arms are doing these days. And after using his quirk to his fullest against Shigaraki, there is a good chance Izuku is about to lose some use of his arms shortly. It seems like the hero-in-training will endanger himself to save others, and when it comes to the League of Villains, and he will go beyond plus ultra to keep things in line.

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