My Hero Academia Cosplay Gets Silly With Deku's All Might Face

Though My Hero Academia is known for its hard hitting battles and life or death situations, the [...]

Though My Hero Academia is known for its hard hitting battles and life or death situations, the Kohei Horikoshi created franchise is still able to put in a number of hilarious segments within its series, and perhaps known are as well known as the subject of this Midoriya Cosplay wherein Deku changes his face to look like that of his mentor's, All Might. With Deku inheriting the power of One For All, and following the exploits of All Might since he was a toddler, it's clear that his impersonation game is on point as he is able to perfectly capture the aesthetic of All Might!

In the latest season of My Hero Academia, we saw Deku attempting to win an internship with the recently departed Sir Nighteye, the former sidekick to All Might, by using this impersonation of his role model in a bid to make the stoic professional hero laugh. Though Midoriya was ultimately unsuccessful in making Nighteye laugh, he was eventually granted an internship opportunity and in doing so, was able to be on the front lines in the battle against Overhaul. Though Deku was able to prove how adept he was at being a crime fighter, it ultimately wasn't enough to save the life of Sir Nighteye!

Instagram Cosplayer Scaredy_Cat_Cosplays shared this impressive and hilarious cosplay that perfectly captures Midoriya's impersonation of his mentor and role model in All Might, proving why he surely was the best pick to inherit the power of One For All:

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これを食べて😃 - CURSED DEKU RETURNS CURSED DELU RETURNS! I’ve been wanting to redo all night deku for a hot second and I’m SO HAPPY that I got to do it again 😂 I said it in 2019 but I really wanna bring this version of deku to my next con,it’s just so cursed and I love it,lemme know your thought of this EPIC cosplay in the comments below! - {please credit me if reposting✨} - - - Character: “Eat this” Izuku Midoriya Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia Cosplayer:@scaredy_cat_cosplays Deku wig: @lemailcosplaywigs - - - - - - - - - {Tags:} #deku #bnha #cosplayer #bokunoheroacedemia #britishcosplayer #allmightdeku #izukumidoriyacosplay #midoriyacosplay #cosplay #dekucosplay #bnhacosplay #ukcosplay #allmightcosplay #myheroacademiacosplay #dekucosplayer #midoriyaizuku #bnhacosplayer #c0splay #midoriyaizukucosplay #myheroacademia #mha #britishcosplayer #mhacosplay #c0splayer #cosplayersofinstagram #ukcosplayer #izukumidoriya #allmight #eatthis

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