My Hero Academia Cosplay Brings Mt. Lady to Her Full Height

My Hero Academia has pushed our heroes to the limit with the latest season, as the war for the fate of Hero Society unfolds between UA Academy and the League of Villains. To help in celebrating the latest episode, new cosplay has arrived that brings Mt. Lady to life. With the professional hero giving it her all in an attempt to stop Gigantomachia from entering the city and joining Shigaraki, she is certainly earning her place as a top ranked hero.

Mt. Lady was one of the first superheroes that were introduced in My Hero Academia, going from a vigilante to becoming a member of the prestigious top ten heroes that protect Hero Society. While never taking on a role as a teacher at UA Academy, the larger-than-life crime fighter has made a name for herself and certainly is a major asset during season six's War Arc. As the heroes launched their assault against Shigaraki and his forces, Mt. Lady was front and center, delivering a huge blow to the villains by shaking up their headquarters and becoming the best bet at stopping Gigantomachia's rampage.

Mt. Hero Academia

Instagram Account JobGeek shared this fresh take on Mt. Lady, following the sixth season of My Hero Academia which has perhaps given the growing hero the biggest challenge in her career, as she finds that despite her best efforts, she was only able to momentarily slow down Gigantomachia as he sprints toward his new master, Shigaraki:

The Paranormal Liberation War, regardless of who wins, will change the face of Hero Society forever, with the manga already moving far past this confrontation and currently walking readers through the Final Arc. Kohei Horikoshi has been quite adamant that this will be the final story for both the heroes and villains that have helped push the UA universe to new heights. With the finale in full swing, it will be interesting to see how many more seasons the television series has before it also reaches its conclusion.

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