My Hero Academia Cosplay Enters My Villain Academia With Shigaraki

Season Five of My Hero Academia is about to end the Endeavor Agency Arc, which has seen Midoriya, [...]

Season Five of My Hero Academia is about to end the Endeavor Agency Arc, which has seen Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki learning from the number one hero, but the anime series is prepping to enter the world of villains with the Meta Liberation Army Arc. With Shigaraki set to play a major role as his crew battles against the forces of Re-Destro and a crew of super-powered individuals that don't want the government dictating how they should use their powers, one fan has created a terrifying real-life interpretation of the antagonist with some stellar cosplay.

Though the My Villain Academia Arc will focus on Shigaraki in the present, viewers that have been following the anime will have the first opportunity to see his tragic childhood, which is as brutal as it is sad. With All For One using Shigaraki's status as the grandson of All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura, it's clear that the young antagonist's status is one of many terrifying aspects of his character. The young villain has one of the most terrifying designs in My Hero Academia's history, with a number of detached hands attached to his person, but fans can expect some major changes for Shigaraki when the My Villain Academia Arc comes to a close.

Instagram Cosplayer Tenko.San shared this terrifying Cosplay that uses a combination of make-up and attire to recreate the unsettling look of Shigaraki, who remains one of the scariest villains that Deku and his friends have encountered to date despite his age:

Without going into spoiler territory, Shigaraki has become an even more deadly threat following the events of the War Arc, with the manga establishing a far more deadly world as hero society attempts to hold itself together. As Deku continues to learn more about One For All, the young hero has become one of the most powerful heroes that the world has ever seen, but it still might not be enough to take down Shigaraki and the League of Villains as they continue to amass power.

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