My Hero Academia Cosplay Gets Furry With Ragdoll

Though the primary female heroes of My Hero Academia include the likes of Uravity, Froppy, Midnight, Mt. Lady, and others, one fan of the Shonen franchise has decided to highlight one of the lesser-seen heroes in the member of the Wild, Wild Pusscats, Ragdoll. Attempting to stop the advance of the League of Villains in the third season of the anime, as the antagonists had Bakugo directly in their sights, the former number thirty-two hero joined her feline colleagues in their heroic bid to stop Shigaraki from transforming the young hero into one of their latest recruits.

The story of Ragdoll was a tragic one, as following the "Forest Training Camp Arc", the feline heroine had her career brought to a close when it was revealed that the villain All For One had stolen her Quirk for himself, putting her into a comatose state in the process. Though she is no longer hitting the battlefield as a professional hero, Tomoko Shiretoko is continuing to act as a member of the Pussycats, performing office work that will assist the heroes in the field. Ragdoll's presence might be done in the anime for now, but definitely expect her to make a return appearance in a season down the road.

Instagram Cosplayer Stella Lasaurus shared this unique take on the member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats who has been benched from the crime-fighting scene directly following the loss of her Quirk at the hand of the villain, All For One:

Ragdoll's Quirk was an interesting one in that "Search" allowed her to track up to one hundred targets, as well as point out weaknesses of said targets. While this Quirk wasn't exactly feline-related, it definitely came in handy on more than a few occasions and will add a terrifying new ability to All For One's ever-expanding power set. The Wild, Wild Pussycats were definitely some of the most bizarre heroes that My Hero Academia introduced Shonen fans to, which is definitely saying something considering how odd things can get in Kohei Horikoshi's franchise.

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