My Hero Academia Cosplay Takes To The Sky With Femme Hawks Cosplay

Perhaps there was no bigger character introduction in season four of My Hero Academia than the winged wonder and current number two hero named Hawks, and fans are responding with their love of the flying crime fighter with cosplay that offers unique takes on the hero trained by the Hero Public Safety Commission. Though Hawks mostly received cameos in the early parts of the fourth season, it wasn't until the final episodes that we saw the true power of the number two hero and just what impact his presence would have on the popular anime franchise moving forward!

In the anime, Hawks' journey in the fourth season ended with both him and Endeavor teaming up against a High End Nomu, an insanely powerful biological nightmare created by the League of Villains. With the current number one hero attempting to find his own way to becoming the new Symbol of Peace, Hawks was there to back him up and give him a much needed assist in the battle against the League of Villains' latest creation!

Instagram Cosplayer Sparkle_Stache shared this gender bending cosplay that takes the number two hero of My Hero Academia and gives him a brand new look, wings and all in this impressive display:

Without going into spoiler territory, Hawks is currently facing the most difficult fight of his life and has had to make some difficult decisions during the Paranormal Liberation War. With the hero being in quite the pickle at present, we're crossing our fingers that the current number two is able to survive the devastating battle that is filled with hundreds if not thousands of super powered beings.


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