My Hero Academia Cosplay Tag Teams Todoroki And Yaoyorozu

Two of the fan favorite characters in the popular anime franchise of My Hero Academia are definitely the son of the number one hero Endeavor in Todoroki and the object materializing student in Momo Yaoyorozu, with two fans deciding to create some stunning cosplay that unites the two students at UA Academy. Todoroki and Momo teamed up originally as they attempted to defeat their teacher, Eraserhead, in a trial by fire to help them to become professional heroes within Class 1-A, learning from one another and managing to bring together their Quirks to ultimately succeed.

In the most recent story line of My Hero Academia, the Paranormal Liberation War is raging on and placing Momo and Todoroki into some tricky situations, using their powers to save civilians who are being threatened by the giant hero/villain war. With Shigaraki having gained the power of the Quirk of All For One, the heroes at UA Academy, and the professional heroes, are facing down one of their toughest challenges to date and we're crossing our fingers that these two young heroes will make it out of this story line alive. Though some fans are crossing their fingers that these two students team up might lead to a relationship between the two, we imagine it will be some time before we see that with the war raging on.

Instagram Cosplayers shared their takes on these two My Hero Academia crime fighters via the account of Hlara.Cos, perfectly capturing the aesthetic of both the fire and ice wielding hero and the hero who had the ability to create nearly any item from her person:

Both Momo and Todoroki struggle with their stations in life, with the fire wielding hero battling against the expectations of his father and the item replicating crime fighter dealing with her family's wealth. With the story of UA Academy not ending any time soon, we fully expect to see these young heroes appearing more frequently in the franchise moving forward.

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