My Hero Academia Cosplay Gives Uraraka A Bakugo Make Over

Ochaco might not get the same level of screen time as her crush, Midoriya, in My Hero Academia but [...]

Ochaco might not get the same level of screen time as her crush, Midoriya, in My Hero Academia but she has certainly earned her spot time and time again as a student within Class 1-A, but one cosplayer has decided to give her an edge by slapping her into the outfit of the hot headed hero, Bakugo. With the heroes of UA Academy currently fighting against the insane threat level in the Paranormal Liberation Front, Uraraka could certainly use some edge when it comes to this battle that has already claimed the lives of many professional heroes!

Uravity, as fans of the series know, has the ability alter the gravity of any target, or object, that she is able to make physical contact with. While this might not be seen as a devastating attack against heavy hitters like Shigaraki or Gigantomachia, the purpose of Class 1-A has been giving each of the students the ability to better harness their Quirks, which Ochaco has been doing in spades. With Uravity normally teaming up alongside Froppy, she has been participating in a number of different battles that are clearly at levels that professional heroes, proving that her training has done wonders for her goal of becoming a professional hero!

Instagram Cosplayer Authentically Anais shared this amazing cosplay that shows off Uravity sporting the costume of Bakugo, grenade style bracelets and all, showing off a much edgier side to the character than what we've seen before:

Bakugo and Ochaco fought briefly during the UA Sports Festival, and while Uravity lost the one on one battle, she showed just how powerful she can be!

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