My Hero Academia Custom Funko Glows Up 100% One For All Deku

My Hero Academia is neck deep in its fourth season as well its second feature length film in the form of My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, so one fan has decided to show off their talents by creating a custom made Funko Pop of Midoriya that just so happens to glow in the dark! While My Hero Academia has had numerous Funko figurines that are running through the market as of now, this isn't stopping fans from creating works that have yet to hit the model line. This particular custom Funko doesn't just glow in the dark, but also gives us Midoriya at Infinite 100%!

Infinite 100% is a technique that Midoriya was able to access thanks in part to the quirk of the young girl Eri, who had the ability to reverse cells in targets. As Deku's body couldn't handle the full force of One For All, normally breaking his bones whenever he tried to tap into all of All Might's power, the Eri assist allowed all of his injuries to instantly heal. With the full power of his Quirk, Deku is able to decimate Overhaul and save Eri from his grasp, taking down the Yakuza in one fell swoop.

Reddit User IGVinylAlchemist shared their amazing interpretation of Midoriya employing his Infinite 100% technique, with the energy flowing out of him ingeniously glowing in the dark with this custom Funko Pop that gives us a brand new take on the young hero operating at the height of his power:

100% One for All I customed. from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

As mentioned earlier, the second movie of the franchise of My Hero Academia is currently playing in theaters across North America, giving us a new adventure for both Deku and the heroes of Class 1-A at UA Academy. While Midoriya doesn't have Eri at his side for the film, he definitely has to use One For All for a good chunk of the film as he attempts to stop the heir apparent to All For One, Nine, from recreating society where "the strong rule over the weak". If you haven't had the chance to check out the movie yet and are a big fan of My Hero Academia, it is definitely worth your time!

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