My Hero Academia Breaks Down Dabi's Upsetting Backstory

My Hero Academia knows how to tug on all the best heartstrings, and it did so with abandon in chapter 290. The most recent update from the series left readers stunned as they learned new info about Dabi. The villain not only revealed his true identity but all the dark details of his past. And as you can imagine, the villain did not have the best of childhoods.

In fact, it seems like Dabi had things as rough as Shoto and then some. After all, the two were raised by the same person. Dabi shocked the fandom when he announced he was really Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of Endeavor. The boy has been thought dead for years, but it seems Toya survived his near-death encounter to become Dabi instead.

dabi mha

After the big reveal is made, My Hero Academia went on to address a big question. The chapter gave Dabi the microphone to spill all the dark secrets of his upbringing. As it turns out, Dabi blames his father entirely for his current status, and he has dedicated his life to bringing down Endeavor.

"To concoct even stronger quirks, my father forced the woman who would become my mother to marry him. That's when my father created me, in pursuit of his selfish egotistical dreams," Dabi shared.

"I was a failed creation. It didn't take long for him to reject me. I was tossed aside and forgotten. But I never forgot a thing, and I had plenty of reason to keep watching you."


Dabi goes on to confess he even wished to kill Shoto while he went by the name Toya, but he chose to set up Endeavor for a bigger fall. The villain says he has spent years watching his father and waiting for the right moment to expose his abusive tendencies. And right when society needs heroes the most, well - Dabi saw the perfect opportunity to do just that.

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