My Hero Academia Episode 107 Preview Revisits a Major Villain

My Hero Academia will be taking a break this week thanks in part to the Tokyo Summer Olympics that [...]

My Hero Academia will be taking a break this week thanks in part to the Tokyo Summer Olympics that are currently taking place in Japan, but that isn't stopping the anime adaptation from giving us a look into their next episode and the return of a surprising villain. With the Endeavor Agency Arc preparing to bring to a close the story of Midoriya, Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki learning how to better harness their Quirks under the number one hero Endeavor, the My Villain Academia Arc is set to explore the story of Shigaraki and his crew battling the Meta Liberation Army.

The villain who is set to return is Kurogiri, the member of the League of Villains who has acted as a teleporter for the band formed by All For One and given to Shigaraki, who will be interrogated by Eraserhead and Present Mic. Without going into spoiler territory, the installment will most likely explore the creation of the Nomu, if it is following the events of the manga, and unleash a secret that will send Aizawa and his high-pitched voice friend into a rage, unlike anything we've seen before. The episode itself will also be diving into the past of these two UA Academy teachers and will have big ramifications on the world of heroes moving forward, leading directly into the War Arc which will take place in Season Six.

Twitter User Atsushi 101X shared the new images from the upcoming episode of My Hero Academia, which is sure to reveal some major revelations about what the villains have been up to and how the biological terrors known as the Nomu are far scarier than most folks realized:

While we don't know when the Meta Liberation Army Arc will begin, it is easily one of the most anticipated stories of this season, offering viewers a storyline that is far darker than what we've seen from either the Endeavor Agency Arc or the Joint Training Exercise Arc. With the third movie of the franchise, World Heroes Mission, set to launch in Japan later this month, 2021 marks quite the year for the adventures of Class 1-A.

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