My Hero Academia Fan Breaks Down Their Overhaul Halloween Costume

The fourth season of My Hero Academia didn't just introduce us to the comical villain known as Gentle Criminal, but also walked us through the threat of the gangster who went by the name of Overhaul, and with October 31st fast approaching, one fan has shown off their amazing take on one of the most powerful villains that UA Academy has ever faced. With the next season of My Hero Academia's manga set to drop in the spring of next year, we doubt that Overhaul will be making a return appearance to threaten the heroes considering his current circumstances!

Overhaul had the ability to break down anything he touched down to a molecular level and then reconstitute organic and inorganic material if he saw fit. On top of this devastating Quirk, Overhaul was also working to create a number of bullets that would have the ability to eliminate a person's powers should it strike them, seeking to use this specifically on the hero community in order to change the world to his favor. Unfortunately for Overhaul, he was unable to defeat Deku, his friends from UA Academy and the professional heroes who stormed his stronghold, but his fate was sealed by Shigaraki and the League of Villains!

Reddit User WhatTheFunk shared this Halloween costume that certainly does justice to the "plague mask" wearing villain that nearly was able to change the world by employing his insane Quirk and the Quirk erasing bullets that he was able to create by using the power of the young girl Eri:

With the coronavirus going around this year, I felt like Overhaul would be a good choice for my Halloween costume! from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

Overhaul was captured by law enforcement following his defeat at the hands of Deku in their one on one fight, but it was Shigaraki and company who were able to make sure that he would never again be a threat, surprisingly enough. Shigaraki "decayed away" Overhaul's limbs, making him unable to ever use his Quirk in the future and taking the fangs away from this leader of the Yakuza. With the War Arc currently taking place in the manga of the franchise, the future of Shigaraki as the inheritor of One For All is anyone's guess!

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