My Hero Academia Is Finally Going to Give One Heroine Her Own Statue

My Hero Academia has spent years introducing anime fans to countless heroes and villains that emerged from the mind of creator Kohei Horikoshi, and it seems that one of the most beloved characters is set to receive her first statue. With Eri first hitting the scene fairly recently, the news that the former prisoner of Overhaul will be arriving in a brand new way is sure to grab the attention of those following along with the adventures of Class 1-A.  

Eri was first introduced as a victim of the machinations of the villain Overhaul, the major threat of the fourth season of My Hero Academia's anime. Using her Qurik to develop a drug that could eliminate the powers of heroes, Eri's abilities allowed the youngster to be able to reverse a target to an earlier time in their existences, which worked well in unison with Midoriya's powers as she was able to heal any wounds that One For All caused him as he took on the mob boss. Though Eri might not be fighting villains on the field, her powers are set to be a major ace in the hole for the young crime fighters of UA Academy and expect the horned hero to make an appearance in season six of the television series. 

Twitter User Aitai Ki Mochi noted that 2023 will bring us a new My Hero Academia statue, featuring both the young Eri and Midoriya as they share a platform in what might be reminiscent of the team-up they had battling against the villainous Overhaul in the Shonen's fifth season:

The War Arc is set to be the biggest battle to ever take place within the history of My Hero Academia's anime, set to arrive this fall and see the heroes take on the newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front, a combination of Shigaraki's League of Villains and Re-Destro's Meta Liberation Army. With the young decaying foe now having a force of over one hundred thousand members and some serious resources to back him up, expect major casualties on both sides as the world of heroes and villains collide. 

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