My Hero Academia Sets Up Horrifying Gigantomachia Comeback

One of the most crucial elements of My Hero Academia's current war arc has been Gigantomachia, and [...]

One of the most crucial elements of My Hero Academia's current war arc has been Gigantomachia, and now the series is teasing a horrifying comeback for the monster. As one of the first efforts Tomura Shigaraki had to make to fully become All For One's successor, Gigantomachia has been teased as the kind of force that will shift the battle with the heroes in the villain's favor. Although we haven't seen much of the villain in action, the fact that he eventually accepted Shigaraki as his new master was a huge moment for the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Now that Tomura Shigaraki has officially completed his transformation into the new user of All For One, it's only appropriate that Gigantomachia will be making his move as well. As teased in an earlier chapter, Chapter 273 ends on a massive cliffhanger teasing Gigantomachia's terrifying first move.

At the end of the latest chapter of the series, a massive hand comes up through the floor of the Paranormal Liberation Front's base where tons of heroes and villains are currently battling. This giant hand could belong to a hero or villain we have yet to see in action, admittedly, but it's far more likely that this will be Gigantomachia's jump into the battle.

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When the heroes first made their move on the building, Gigantomachia was seen sitting silently while the chaos began to unfold around him. Tokoyami's Dark Shadow sensed a monstrous presence down in the building's basement, and this was Gigantomachia waiting to hear somehting from Shigaraki.

Now that Shigaraki has emerged from his experimental stasis, and has officially given Gigantomachia the green light to move into action, Gigantomachia will be entering the fight. We have yet to see what the heroes can do against such a seemingly unstoppable monster like this, and it's already all too clear that Gigantomachia will likely be one of the decisive members in Shigaraki's roster in the rest of the war.

As the tide of the war begins to turn in Shigaraki and the villains' favor, there is the remaining question of what will come next after a battle like this. What do you think? What will Gigantomachia's role be in the coming fight against the heroes? Does his entering the battle mean that the villains will squeak by with a win this time? Will there be a hero that can counter this monster? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!