My Hero Academia Unleashes One Villain's Murderous Rampage

My Hero Academia current Paranormal Liberation War arc is get really real, really fast. Just when [...]

My Hero Academia current Paranormal Liberation War arc is get really real, really fast. Just when the Pro Heroes thought their surprise attack against the League of Villains and their new army would succeed, Dr. Ujiko's experiments on Tomura Shigaraki finally succeed. Shigaraki has been transformed into "Plus Ultra Shigaraki," complete with a freakishly boosted decay quirk, and the true All For One power that will give him an entire array of new powers. And he's not alone: Shigaraki has called upon his Paranormal Liberation Front soldiers to fight back - and one of his League of Villains lieutenants is going on an outright murderous rampage.

Warning - My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

Shigaraki reawakens from his power-boosting stasis by unleashing a wave of decay quirk that annihilates and entire lab, hospital, and portion of a mountain town. As he regains his senses, Shigaraki realizes that his plan for the war is hanging by a thread. His secret quirk-canceling bullets are largely destroyed, and his forces are barely holding their own against the heroes. However, when Shigaraki puts out the call to his giant monster henchman (Gigantomachia), the tide begins to turn.

In a scene featuring the League of Villains members, Dabi leaves his battle with Hawks and Tokoyami and regroups with Mr. Compress. Compress and Dabi mourn the loss of their teammate Twice (killed by Hawks) and Compress tells Dabi that Himiko Toga has basically lost it, and gone on a rampage.

...And indeed she has!

My Hero Academia Manga 273 Toga Ambush Kills Pro Heroes
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

My Hero Academia manga 273 gives Toga a long-awaited moment to shine, as we find out how she earned her place on Shigaraki's squad. Disguised as the pro hero that Twice killed in his last moment alive, Toga infiltrates a squad of pro heores and brutally slashes all their throats before they even realize the ruse. As Toga makes clear in her monologue, she no longer gives an F***:

"Hard to keep living. I want a world where I can live nice and easy... A world with just the things I love... but you Heroes mess everything up...."

With that, Shigaraki's Gigantomachia monster arises from the underground lair, ready to cover Toga's back. It's definitely not looking good for the heroes. Up until now, we've seen the League of Villains always operating under some kind of handicap or restriction fo the sake of the mission - but now we're finally getting to see them fully unleashed. And, if Toga is any indication, a lot of heroes are not going to walk away from this war.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.