My Hero Academia Takes on Hyrule with This Deku Crossover

My Hero Academia has become one of anime's biggest series and rightfully so. Its colorful characters and story have made it an instant hit with millions. Of course, its popularity has exposed My Hero Academia to all sorts of crossovers. From movies to books, the crossover potential is endless, and one artist just proved that with a Legend of Zelda tie-in.

The art comes from Reddit user haute_potato. The artist posted a piece of crossover work they did for My Hero Academia, and fans are admittedly in love with the clever throwback.

You can check out the work below in all of its Hyrulian glory. Izuku can be seen in the front with his usual costume on, but the hero looks a bit different. Given his hero name, Izuku has been changed into a Deku here, but don't let the transformation fool you! The boy is just as fierce as ever in this form.

A crossover design I made for a shirt. The logo says “PLUS ULTRA” in Hylian. What do you think? from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

You can see a slew of other transformations in this poster. Kirishima is standing to the lefthand side, and the rock hard hero has been turned into a Goron. Mineta has been given the perfect Hyrule mirror thanks to Tingle. Ochaco has been turned into Zelda while All Might takes on the role of Kaepora Gaebora because - honestly, have you seen the owl's eyebrows?

Finally, Endeavor shows up in this crossover at the back. The fiery hero has been transformed into Ganon despite his pro hero status. After all, Endeavor is a definite jerk, and there is no bigger meanie in Hyrule than Ganon.


Of course, this crossover pitch has fans thinking of other combinations. Recovery Girl and Impa could pass for one another easily. Froppy would certainly fit in with the Zora while Hawks joins the Rito. The only thing stopping a full crossover is the time it will take to cast everyone, so it's your turn to get to thinking!

What do you make of this clever little crossover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.