My Hero Academia Sets Stage for Shigaraki vs Eraser Head Battle

It has been a good bit since Eraser Head had to meet up with the League of Villains's leader, but [...]

It has been a good bit since Eraser Head had to meet up with the League of Villains's leader, but the time has come to do so yet again. While the anime prepares to delve into season five, the My Hero Academia manga is moving ahead with one of its tensest arcs yet. The ongoing raid arc has turned Shigaraki into a villain worth fearing, and the Pro Heroes learned that the hard way.

Now, it seems like the Pro Heroes are about to take a step back as Eraser Head shows his dark side. The character has seen one too many of his comrades die in this ambush, so you can see why he is not okay with Izuku being targeted by Shigaraki. The villain has done enough to the underground hero, and chapter 276 of My Hero Academia promises to pit the two against one another.

Back in the day, Eraser Head had to deal with a Nomu when the USJ was infiltrated, but the Pro Hero will fight Shigaraki himself now. This comes after Eraser Head learned his students were being targeted by the villain, and the reveal snapped him into action.

my hero academia fight

"You kept me alive," Eraser Head thought to himself as he reflected on Crust's death. "And there are others who've also kept me in this world. My quirk. My life. Shigaraki, taking him down is why I'm still alive."

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia ends with Shigaraki praising the Pro Hero for being cool, but he seems nonplussed. It could be because the baddie has bullets in his pockets which erase quirks, and they would take Shigaraki out of the game for a long time if not permanently. After all, Eraser Head poses the biggest threat to Shigaraki since he can stop the use of All For One... that is if the baddie doesn't try to steal the hero's Quirk. It could happen...

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