My Hero Academia Fan-Theory Predicts How All For One Really Operates

My Hero Academia has no qualms explaining its heroes' Quirks but there are some it has never cared [...]

My Hero Academia has no qualms explaining its heroes' Quirks but there are some it has never cared to dive into. It hasn't been that long since fans began learning the truth behind One For All, and the same goes for its counterpart. After all, the manga has started exploring All For One, and a fan-theory has cropped up that explains how the devilish power really operates.

After all, there are a lot of fans who do not know about the power. All For One is notorious for stealing Quirks since that is what his power does. The most recent chapter of My Hero Academia passed the Quirk to another successor, and they gave a bit of insight into the power.

Chapter 275 prompted the fan-theory as readers were curious about a certain page in the issue. The update checked in on Shigaraki as the villain went after Izuku, but he was never going to get One For All without a fight. To keep the boy isolated, Shigaraki needed to use his new power to block others from radioing Izuku.


"Oh, hm. Ah. Here we go. A nice air blast, like before. Plus radio waves," Shigaraki mutters to himself before he gathers the stolen Quirks to combine them.

For fans, this moment was odd since Shigaraki only just got All For One. Even if he saw his master use all of the Quirks he stole, it seems unlikely Shigaraki would remember them all. His quick combo has fans wondering how All For One looks when used by its inheritor, and one fan-theory asks whether a catalog of sorts might be provided. A voice clearly comes along with the Quirk, so that mysterious presence could be assisting Shigaraki with his experimental powers. But for now, it seems Shigaraki is able to see an overview of all the Quirks under his command before selecting the ones he's going to combine.

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