My Hero Academia Orchestrates Several New Prison Breaks

My Hero Academia thought it had all of its villains under control, but such a thought was never true. In fact, the League of Villains destabilized society to a brink where all out war was possible. As the manga showed recently, the pro heroes are not impervious to push back, and it seems a lot more villains are now on the loose than ever before.

We have All For One to thank for the ordeal. His gift was made known shortly after the villain broke out of his super-max prison with others in tow. Tartarus was blown wide open by a coordinated attack on All For One's part, and several more were busted open just recently.

My Hero Academia Shigaraki and All For One
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia confirmed as much this week. Chapter 298 followed our villains after they managed to hop out of Tartarus. The jailbreak left several major villains free such as Muscular, and several more are rogue all thanks to the gang.

According to the manga, All For One's group hit up seven additional prisons after they escaped Tartarus. The prisons hit were Shian, Bagu, and Kuin. These holds have never been explored in the manga before, but it seems some seriously nasty villains were being housed in the facilities. They were not gnarly enough to warrant a trip to Tartarus, but it seems the escaped convicts were nasty enough to get blood on their hands.


In total, six prisons had convicts busted out, so the count is up to seven once Tartarus is accounted for. All of these escapes went down with six hours, so you can bet society is panicking. After all, most of the top pro heroes are down for the count. These villains who are running free are as bad as they come, and hero society will need to band together ASAP with a new plan if it wants any chance at mitigating chaos.

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