My Hero Academia Explains Why Foreign Heroes Aren't Assisting Japan

Over the years, My Hero Academia has created a core group of heroes who keep life running for our leads, but the fall of All Might caused everything to shift. These days, villains are more emboldened than ever, and society is diving for a crash in the wake of a deadly raid against Shigaraki. With so many heroes out of commission, fans have been wondering why pro hero organizations aren't reaching out for international aid to keep the public safe, and the manga has answered the burning question at long last.

The explanation was given in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia, and it will surprise some fans. It was Hawks who laid the odds on the table, and Endeavor listened as his colleague confirmed international aid wasn't coming.

"Our government has put in requests for relief workers and heroes from around the world," Hawks said before dropping some bad news. "But with the safety commission essentially shut down, the paperwork needed to dispatch heroes isn't getting done."

So as it turns out, the government officials want to bring in help after the devastating raid, but there is red tape in the way. As usual, bureaucratic tape has gotten in the way of real assistance, so there is no word on when international heroes could come in to help if ever. Of course, this may be for the best since All For One surely has global plans in mind, but it leaves Japan limping with its pro heroes.


With pro heroes retiring left and right, it will fall to our usual leads to set things right, but such a task isn't easy. Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist are the most ready to battle even with their grievous injuries. There is no telling when others will be ready to rejoin the battlefield, but Izuku and Aizawa have a lot of healing to do before they suit up again.

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