My Hero Academia Has Confessed All Might's Darkest Belief

My Hero Academia is on the cusp of its season five finale, but right now, all eyes are on All Might in the manga. If you keep up with the series, then you will know why the hero is being eyed so carefully these days. After failing to rein in Izuku, the former Number One hero has gone off on a solo quest, and chapter 326 went so far as to share All Might's most dangerous belief with fans.

The whole thing came to pass as the new chapter got underway with All Might going solo. The Symbol of Peace is on a mission to evacuate civilians from the city even if they don't wish to leave. During this journey, All Might runs into a visage of his former self, and it is there he comes face-to-face with Stain at last.

This encounter has been coming for years, but My Hero Academia fans will be the first to say they never saw this chat coming. Stain is ready to shed blood upon meeting All Might but not because of his identity; This time, Stain is angry because All Might insulted himself. In a stunning turn, Stain pushes aside violence to re-inspire the hero who became the focus of his psychosis, but he has to do one thing first.

During their chat, All Might delivers a hard truth, and it is that he feels like "the only one who's become more and more distance from heroes [and] from heroism." This reveal comes after All Might believes he failed Izuku and Inko in keeping the boy safe, but Stain will hear nothing of it. This led the My Hero Academia chapter to seed a change in All Might that Stain of all people planted.

Of course, fans were not expecting All Might to make this kind of confession and least of all to Stain. But as it turns out, the hero killer is way more complex than fans assumed. In the end, Stain is undoubtedly a murderer and villain in the eyes of My Hero Academia fans everywhere, but All Might managed to bring out a different side of the man even if for a single. chapter. 


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