My Hero Academia: Here's What Izuku Wrote in His Letter to Bakugo

If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia manga these days, you know it is full of emotions [...]

If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia manga these days, you know it is full of emotions right now. The story has been charged for more than a year now as fans saw the League of Villains rise up in 2020. This year has been just as dire with its focus on Izuku, and his exit from UA High School left us all in shock. And now, fans have an idea of what Izuku wrote in his farewell letter to Bakugo.

The whole thing went live this week when My Hero Academia put out chapter 319. The long-awaited update took time to explore a flashback, and it showed how Class 1-A reacted after learning about Izuku's absence. The whole reveal sent Class 1-A into a tizzy, and the chapter shows Bakugo going as far as to rip up Izuku's letter.

However, creator Kohei Horikoshi likes to toy with emotions, so he made sure to make parts of the letter very visible. The text on the letter has since been made out by My Hero Academia fans online, and the user redandblonde420 had fans tearing up after they shared their analysis of the letter. You can find their breakdown below:

"秘密の共有: sharing secrets
のおかげで: thanks to (you)
(こ)こから (?): from here
今まで: until now
たすけてく(れて): (thank you) for the help/save
かっちゃん: kacchan
また一(緒): (together) again
でき(たら): if we could"

Obviously, those sentences fragments point to a very emotional letter, so Izuku had a lot to spill to Bakugo. But as Japanese speakers pointed out, these bits are far from the worst part in the letter. On the chapter's title page, fans can see a shred of the letter flying mid-air, and its ripped words share a hidden message.

"This part was most probably たすけて(くれてありがとう)(thank you for saving/helping me) and the word under it is かっちゃん (kacchan). But since it's ripped we only got:たすけて かっちゃん (Help me Kacchan)," the translator shared.

This message may not have come across to Bakugo, but he made sure to get Izuku help regardless. He was the one who spearheaded Class 1-A into locating Izuku, and the students used every resource available to do so. But by the chapter's end, well - fans realized Izuku will be stubborn until the end when it comes to being rescued.

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