My Hero Academia Teases Endeavor's Tarnished Future

Over the years, Endeavor has tried to endear himself to fans of My Hero Academia, but not everyone is flattered by his work. The hero has a long way to go before he can begin to apologize for his abusive past. Of course, that all came to light in the manga recently when Dabi's epic confession informed the public of Endeavor's bad behavior, and it seems like the hero has lost all credibility with the people.

This long-coming update came when chapter 296 went live this week. My Hero Academia checked in on Endeavor towards the end after his attempts to stop Shigaraki were thwarted. While Endeavor was tended to by medics, the public began reacting to what Dabi's message contained, and even those who doubted the villain don't think Endeavor can survive this controversy.

endeavor my hero academia
(Photo: Bones Inc)

"That Dabi dude totally sucks, but what's old Endy going to do now," one boy asks his classmates after listening to Dabi's video message. After all, it was there the villain proved he is none other than Toya Todoroki, the long-thought dead son of Endeavor and Rei. Dabi went on to tell the world of the abuse his father hurled at his kids and wife. So as you can imagine, the public is on edge about Endeavor as many thought the hero was foreboding before this.

"Ever since his days as number two, I had a feeling something shady was going on behind the scenes! Isn't it his jobs to protect us," another said. "He'd better have a statement ready about all this tomorrow!"

Clearly, the public has been shaken enough by Dabi's words to lose faith in their number one hero. This is a problem given how organized the villains are nowadays, and what's worse is that Dabi is not wrong in what he said. Endeavor did treat his family horribly, and that is not a fact that can be erased. It now falls to Endeavor to be honest with those he swears to protect, and fans cannot imagine that going well for the hero.


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