My Hero Academia Teases Endeavor's New Battle

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia has continued the heart pounding, action packed story arc that is the Paranormal Liberation War, and in doing so, has given the current number one hero, Endeavor, a strenuous new task to complete in the battle against Shigaraki and his new iteration of the League of Villains. With the professional heroes attempting to stop the plans of the mad doctor Garaki within the bowels of his hospital headquarters, this is a battle of life and death as the flame headed hero has already encountered a potential casualty of the High End Nomu!

Warning! If you haven't caught up on My Hero Academia's manga with Chapter 269, you may want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War!

Though Endeavor is the top hero in the world, his attempt at becoming a new "Symbol of Peace" has been a difficult one! For the most part, when it comes to unleashing his power and fighting crime, the eldest Todoroki doesn't have too many problems, but instilling a sense of confidence and awe with the general public is a different story all together! It seems as though the latest story arc is going to give Endeavor his opportunity to do both as his Quirk is being put to the test!

Within the depths of Garaki's laboratory, Endeavor is not only battling against the High End Nomu that have been released, but simultaneously attempting to cauterize the wounds of the rabbit hero Mirko. Following her battle against the High End Nomu, Mirko has lost an arm and has generally been torn apart thanks in part to their ridiculously high power levels. As Todoroki tends to her wounds, she urges him to continue on the heroes' mission of not only bringing down Garaki, but stopping Shigaraki from awaking following the experiments that have seemingly changed him into the new "All For One".


As Endeavor continues to fight against the biological terrors of the Paranormal Liberation Front, Present Mic makes his way to Garaki and the sleeping Shigaraki, seemingly killing the comatose villain as the chapter comes to a close. With the war in full swing, it's clear that Endeavor is going to have to take a much bigger role in this battle that may determine the fate of the universe in My Hero Academia!

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