Did My Hero Academia Set Up for Aizawa's Retirement?

The Paranormal Liberation War Arc rages on in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, with heavy casualties being inflicted on both the heroes' and the villains' side, and with Shigaraki holding a familiar, and often forgotten, ace up his sleeve, might Eraserhead be facing an unexpected retirement? In the current bloody battle, Aizawa has been instrumental to the side of the heroes, not just being able to negate Shigaraki's abilities as the new All For One with his glance, but saving lives by also using his Quirk in a method that negate the powers of the High End Nomu!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 281 of My Hero Academia, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory for the Paranormal Liberation War!

In the final panels for the latest installment of the War Arc, Shigaraki reminded audiences that he is still pocketing the "magic bullet" that was created to negate Quirks using the blood of the young girl Eri, who was being held captive by the leader of the Yakuza in Overhaul. Taking place within the fourth season of My Hero Academia, the "Quirk Bullet" struck Mirio, aka Lemillion, and took away his ability to phase through solid matter. Without his powers, Lemillion has not given up his dream of being a hero and perhaps might see his Quirk return one day.

My Hero Academia Aizawa
(Photo: Viz Media)

With Shigaraki having just eliminated Gran Torino, Midoriya has unleashed both his rage and his full power, wrapping up the head of the League of Villains in his "black vines", giving Endeavor the opportunity to land a deciding blow. With Eraserhead using his Quirk to debilitate Shigaraki, being struck by the bullet produced by Overhaul would take him out of the game without necessarily killing him and make the heroes' goals that much tougher to attain, but that much more interesting to watch.


The Paranormal Liberation War is clearly going to be an arc that changes the face of My Hero Academia moving forward in the story and we personally can't wait to see how it is translated in the anime adaptation, though we would imagine we'll have to wait a season or two before it officially lands.

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