My Hero Academia Teases a Strange Detail about Mr. Compress

My Hero Academia has tackled the issue of legacy heroism well thanks to All Might and even Endeavor, but that isn't all. The franchise has put serious focus on how villains can build a legacy, and there is no better example than Shigaraki and All For One. Of course, there are other instances out there, and it seems like Mr. Compress knows something we may not.

Recently, My Hero Academia put out a new chapter, and it was there fans paused when the thieving baddie made a comment. The League of Villains is pivoted to on one page, and each of them reacts to Dabi's big confession. After the boy admits he was born Toya Todoroki, Mr. Compress goes quiet before sharing an intriguing comment.

My Hero Academia Anime Mr Compress Captures Bakugo Tokoyami

"My word," the villain says. "Another with quite the bloodline."

This statement is a one-and-done, but fans are still piecing it together. After all, the comment makes total sense given the bloodline Shigaraki was born into, but that is the issue. All For One tried to keep information about the boy's family quiet, and it seems strange for Mr. Compress to have sussed that information out.


If the villain does know about Shigaraki, then this comment is easy to digest. However, things get more complicated if Mr. Compress is clueless in that regard. His comment would then mean there is another person in their ranks who comes from a notorious bloodline, and all bets are off if that is the case. It seems unlikely that Toga or Twice are being referred to, and many fans think Mr. Compress is talking about himself. After all, we have been told very little about the villain, so readers are keeping a close eye on him moving forward.

What do you make of Mr. Compress' comment? Do you think he is referring to himself or someone else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.