My Hero Academia Explains How Trumpet's Meta Ability Works

My Villain Academia is getting ready to bring the fifth season of My Hero Academia to a close, with Shigaraki and his fellow members of the League of Villains battling against the Meta Liberation Army. While the MLA has seen Re-Destro taking the spotlight in his battle against Shigaraki, the villain known as Trumpet also had the opportunity to get some screen time as the powers of his Quirk were revealed as he stood behind dozens of members of the Meta Liberation Army in an attempt to eradicate one of the craziest looking League members in Spinner.

Trumpet, aka Koku Hanbata, is a politician who is the leader of the "Hearts and Mind Party," in the world of UA Academy, secretly working to push forward the agenda of the Meta Liberation Army which would entail all citizens to have free use of their Quirks without government interference. Wielding the power of "Incite", Trumper's Quirk allows him to boost the physical and emotional state of a follower who has complete trust in the nefarious political figure. On top of this, the louder that Koku's voice is, the more effective it becomes, which Spinner definitely realizes as he is on the receiving end of a variety of attacks shot his way in the latest episode. 

(Photo: Studio Bones)

Like a number of the young heroes of UA Academy, Trumpet is able to use technology to help in boosting his Quirk, with a helmet allowing his voice to spread far and wide. While Koku doesn't have any physical abilities of his own that let him jump into the fray, he is definitely a dangerous member of the MLA and proves to be quite the threat against Spinner.

In the battle between Trumpet and Spinner, we are also able to get a brief look into the lizard-like villain's backstory, who clings to Shigaraki as a way to give his own life meaning. While Spinner simply has the ability to stick to walls and brandishes a number of bladed weapons to honor his role model Stain, he still has been trying his best to keep up the pace with the likes of Toga, Twice, and the other followers of Shigaraki who are seeking to create a brand new world.

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