My Hero Academia Reveals Bloodiest Episode Yet With Shigaraki's Origin

My Hero Academia's latest anime episode is also its bloodiest yet, as finally learn the dark, horrific origin of Tenko Shimura - the boy who would become Tomura Shigaraki. Given how deadly Shigaraki's disintegration quirk is, and how insane the young villain has always been, you just knew that whatever origin story was behind it all had to be a doozy. However, what's probably the most shocking thing about "Tenko Shimura: Origin" is just how much heartfelt tragedy and emotion there was in the story of how Shigaraki became a twisted monster. That, and a whole lot more blood and gore than we ever expected from My Hero Academia

WARNING: My Hero Academia Season 5 SPOILERS Follow! 

My Hero Academia Episode 111 does a two-fold job of showing the power Shigraki has amassed training under Dr. Garaki, as well as the origin of how he first gained his quirk and killer instinct. Turns out, young Tenko Shimura was actually an idealistic and quirkless young kid, who held pro heroes like All Might on a pedestal (just like his future nemesis Izuku Midoriya!). 

The only problem is, Tenko was the son of Kotaro Shimura - who was himself the son of Nana Shimura, the seventh user of One For All and All Might's mentor. Nana's dedication to being a hero came at the sacrifice of her being an effective mother - a chip that Kotaro still carried on his shoulder, even as a successful adult businessman and family man. Kotaro crushed any hope his son had of being a noble hero - or what the concept of being a hero even is. Eventually, that strained father-son relationship eventually turned abusive, which sewed the first seeds of hate in Tenko's heart. 


It was at his lowest point (banished from the house, with only his pet dog to comfort him) that Tenko's one-of-a-kind (and terrible) quirk finally manifests. The family dog and Tenko's younger sister are the first to go when the young boy accidentally reduces them both to horrific piles of blood and gory chunks. After that Tenko's mom, maternal grandparents, and finally his father all die just as horrifically, with Kotaro's death being especially gruesome as Tenko actually embraces his destructive gift and willfully murders his father. 


Unless you were a fan who read My Hero Academia's manga (or heard about Shigaraki's heartbreaking origin when it was first revealed) then this episode of the anime was certainly a shock. Fans are still reeling after seeing Shigaraki's origin story in anime form - while also beginning to decipher finer details about what the episode foreshadows about Shigaraki's future. 

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