My Hero Academia: How to Watch the Season 5 Premiere

My Hero Academia's fifth season is landing and here is where you can watch the return of Midoriya, [...]

My Hero Academia's fifth season is landing and here is where you can watch the return of Midoriya, Bakugo, Uravity, and the rest of the students of Class 1-A at UA Academy as they make landfall on several streaming services in their quests to become professional crime fighters. Season Four came to an end on quite the cliffhanger, with Deku coming into contact with the previous wielders of One For All, hinting that the heroic protagonist will be gaining even more power in this brand new season of Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen epic.

Fans can currently watch "Episode Zero" of My Hero Academia's fifth season via the streaming services of Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu, giving anime fans plenty of options for how they want to dive back into the world of UA Academy. If anime fans are jumping into the series for the first time, the streaming services mentioned also house the previous four seasons of the series, which follows along with the adventures of Deku and the other students of Class 1-A. Needless to say, this season will have plenty in store for fans that have been waiting around a year to dive back into the anime following the hard-hitting adventures of UA Academy.

My Hero Academia Season Five Where To Watch
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Season Five will focus on a "training exercise" that will pit the main students of Class 1-A against their rivals in Class 1-B. These teaching opportunities have been a big part of My Hero Academia since the series began, with the students of UA Academy gaining a better understanding of their Quirks and how to be heroes along the way. Though the students of 1-B haven't gotten the spotlight nearly as much as their counterparts in 1-A, this season is definitely looking to turn things around.

On top of this training exercise, the fifth season will also more than likely follow a brand new story that focuses on the League of Villains, who weren't featured as much in season four thanks in part to Overhaul and Gentle Criminal taking center stage. Without going into spoiler territory, the developments of this season will definitely spell trouble for Deku and his friends, as manga fans know that the potential sixth season will be one of its biggest to date.

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