My Hero Academia Explains How Ashido Was Inspired by Kirishima

While the My Villain Academia Arc was the big storyline that brought the fifth season of My Hero Academia to a close, the finale of the latest season of the anime adaptation took the opportunity to revisit the young heroes of Class 1-A and focus on the training that has helped develop their Quirks. Specifically, viewers had the opportunity to see how Kirishima, aka Red Riot, was able to inspire one of his best friends in the class, Ashido, aka Alien Girl, in developing a powerful new technique for her Quirk that is unlike anything she's done before.

Kirishima and Ashido might not be in a romantic relationship, as far as we know, but they have relied on one another similar to how Deku and Ochaco have in the past seasons of My Hero Academia. While Red Riot didn't have a shining moment that was as big as he had teaming up with his mentor Fat Gum in the battle against Overhaul in Season Four, both he and Ashido were able to show how they've developed their powers in the recent Joint Training Exercise Arc. With both Ashido and Kirishima winning their respective bouts in their battles against Class 1-B, it's clear that this pair is set on a path to become some of the biggest crime fighters of the next generation.

(Photo: Studio Bones)

In the latest season finale of My Hero Academia, Ashido showed off her new ability in Acid Man, which has her encasing herself in the acidic liquid that her Quirk allows her to excrete. As she brings down a number of training robots, she lets Kirishima know that he is the reason she was able to develop this new technique, modeling it after the power he used against Overhaul's underlings. Both Red Riot and Alien Girl will need their new powers as the War Arc is slated to take place in the next season, pitting the heroes against the insane new Paranormal Liberation Front, a combination of the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army.


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