My Hero Academia Season Five Unveils Froppy's New Power

The training exercise between the students of UA Academy's Class 1-A and 1-B continues in the latest episode of My Hero Academia's fifth season, which allowed us to see how Froppy has developed since the beginning of the series. With Froppy teaming up alongside Red Riot, Chargebolt, Shinso, and Koda, the heroes of Class 1-A have their backs against the wall as they attempt to win this exercise that is the main focus of the latest season, which might have big ramifications for the world at large when it concludes.

Froppy herself is essentially the "Spider-Man" of Class 1-A, but rather than being bitten by a radioactive spider, she found herself gifted with the strength, speed, agility, and aesthetic of a frog. While we've mostly seen Froppy use her agility, insanely long tongue, and camouflage ability, the latest installment of Kohei Horikoshi's Shonen anime adaptation shows how she was able to use the power of her "toxic mucus". As disgusting as it sounds, Froppy's mucus came in handy for this latest brawl, as she was able to use the secretion to essentially disguise her teammates from the senses of 1-B, especially when it came to Gevaudan, aka Apocabeast.

My Hero Academia Froppy
(Photo: Studio Bones)

"Toxic Mucus" is only able to slightly sting whomever it touches, but it's clear that Froppy has thought of a useful new application for it.

The name of the game for this latest training exercise is definitely teamwork as all parties involved attempt to capture four members of the opposing team in adorable prisons, and Froppy's new use of her Quirk came in handy in scoring a big victory for Class 1-A. Earlier in the episode, we witnessed both Koda and Red Riot being captured by their competition, placing Froppy and her friends at a serious disadvantage. Luckily for them, some quick thinking was able to turn the tables when all was said and done.


Aside from Froppy, the MVP of this latest team-up was definitely Shinso, the young UA Academy student who is attempting to become a professional hero while not being an official part of Class 1-A or 1-B. With his Quirk of "brainwash", his skills were instrumental in Froppy's team scoring a big victory, though there are plenty more battles to come as the training exercise continues.

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