My Hero Academia Season 6 Takes On Dabi's Name Trolling Scene

My Hero Academia's sixth season has been bringing some highly anticipated moments from the Paranormal Liberation Front War to life with its first few episodes already, and the newest episode of the series has revealed how the anime approaching Dabi's notable name trolling scene from the manga! As the war between the heroes and villains kicks into high gear with the newest season of the anime, fans have already seen a very notable name lose their life before the full battles begin. This has sprung Dabi into action against Hawks, and the two were shown to share a very peculiar connection as their fight begins.

When Dabi began his fiery assault on Hawks, he caught the secretive pro hero by surprised when he revealed that he knew Hawks' real name. This was something that definitely stood out to the hero given his mysterious past with the Public Safety Commission, and now that mystery has been deepened even further as when Hawks asked who Dabi really is, it's instead muted when Dabi reveals his real name to a very shocked Hawks in return. It's something the manga did as well in a different manner. 

Why Was Dabi's Real Name Muted? 

This scene actually comes from Chapter 267 of My Hero Academia's manga, and Dabi's name is blacked out in a speech bubble. It's deliberately hid from fans when he reveals that Hawks should have been keeping an eye on him this entire time instead, and just as Hawks is surprised in the episode, it was just as shocking of a scene in the manga. The anime couldn't use a blank speech bubble, of course, so instead you get a close up of Dabi mouthing his real name while everything else is completely silent. 

Fans of the manga will likely be able to piece together the name as shown directly here, but thankfully for everyone else, this is a reveal that will come later in the arc. Without giving too much away about Dabi's real name for fans only checking out the anime, this is all building up to a climactic reveal at the right time that we will see much later in the sixth season. But for now, Dabi's real name remains a mystery! 

How did you like the way My Hero Academia's anime tackled Dabi's name trolling scene? Was it handled better here or better in the manga? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!