My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11 Preview Released

My Hero Academia is at the top of its game right now, and season six has plenty more surprises to drop on fans this year. After going live in October, we have watched a full-on war between the heroes and villains unfold. Now, this weekend promises to drop season six's biggest episode yet, and we have been given new stills to hype the arrival of "Gabi Dance".

As you can see below, a slew of stills was released by the official My Hero Academia website. It was there fans got a peek at Ochaco and Toga as they begin their latest encounter, but that isn't the main focus here. No, that honor goes to Dabi as the villain is about to confront Endeavor at long last.

In these new stills, fans are shown a close-up of Dabi, and his purple scars are on full display. It seems the character is in another location in this shot, but the message he's getting across to Endeavor and Shoto must be clear. After all, the two heroes are shown in close-ups, and they look as scared as they are horrified by Dabi.

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Of course, the trio is not alone in this upcoming episode. The update checks on Bakugo following his hit from Shigaraki, and he seems to be critically injured. Deku is doing a little better even though One For All is still in his grasp. And as for Shigaraki, well – the man looks as terrifying as ever. The same can be said for Toga in her close-up, and that is surely why Ochaco looks like she's playing defense in their episode 11 still.

Clearly, "Dabi Dance" is going to be a big episode, and fans are already clamoring about it online. The big episode will drop this Saturday, so fans stateside can binge the release on Hulu or Crunchyroll. And of course, the rest of My Hero Academia is available to stream if you need to catch up with Izuku's journey since day one.

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