My Hero Academia Season 6 Drops the Anime's Heaviest Scene Yet

The new year is back, and of course, that means the winter anime cour has started. In the past week, a slew of new shows have dropped, and the weekend welcomed a few returning hits. Most importantly, the return of My Hero Academia season six just dropped after a tense wait, and the midseason premiere dropped the anime's heaviest scene to date.

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for My Hero Academia season six. Read on with caution.

If you kept up with My Hero Academia this past weekend, you will know the return of season six was brutal at the end. The comeback episode began with an easy recap showing just how badly the heroes' raid against Shigaraki went. By the midway point, we were finally given new info on season six, and fans watched as Ochaco endured the anime's most gut-wrenching moment yet.

As you can see above, the scene follows Ochaco as she provides aid to a civilian in one of the towns impacted by Gigantomachia. There is carnage everywhere she looks, and Ochaco barely notices the blood splatter on her face. As the screams of a city echo around her, the high schooler watches on as a pro hero numbly looks at the carnage made by Shigaraki. And in the face of overwhelming need, the man decides it is time to retire his title as a hero.

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The damning scene shows just how badly the raid and its aftermath will impact the status of heroes in Japan. Faith has been lost in the system, and Shigaraki's gang still has plans to further decimate society. Gigantomachia destroyed actual cities just to reach Shigaraki, and the death toll between our heroes and Japan's civilians must be impossibly high at this point. And in the middle of it all, Ochaco is there as a high schooler doing her best to help even a single soul.

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