My Hero Academia Introduces a Dark Rivalry Between Tokoyami and Shihai

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has kicked things off with a "Civil War" in the student body of UA Academy, pitting the students of Class 1-A against their rivals in 1-B and in doing so, has created a dark rivalry between two of the aspiring heroes who thrive in the shadows. With Tokoyami and his Dark Shadow representing his fellow students in Class 1-A in the second match of the Joint Training Exercise, Shihai, aka Vantablack, is the perfect match for him considering his Quirk allows him to blend into the shadows themselves.

Class 1-A pulled off a major victory in the first battle of the Joint Training Exercise, managing to leverage the Quirk of Shinso to help in defeating their rivals in 1-B. With the second battle focusing on eight fresh students entering the ring, it is definitely no surprise to see Tokoyami and Vantablack gravitate toward one another considering their power set. With Tokoyami having the ability to summon a shadow being in Dark Shadow, which can sometimes go wild during battles, and Shihai having the ability to blend into the shadows while also moving at intense speeds while within said shadows, the two find themselves squaring off in the latest episode.

My Hero Academia Tokoyami Rivalry
(Photo: Studio Bones)

One of the bigger elements of the latest installment of My Hero Academia's fifth season wasn't just the second battle between the classes of UA Academy, but also the brief glimpses that we got when it came to Tokoyami's internship and work-study with the number two hero of Hawks. Though the wielder of Dark Shadow was at first despondent at the fact that Hawks was taking a far more laid-back approach to the UA Academy student's training, it seems as if Tokoyami learned a lot from the winged wonder.

In the battle against Shihai and his teammates, Tokoyami shows off his new technique in "Dark Fallen Angel", which uses his Quirk along with some interesting tactics to give the bird-headed hero the ability to fly for a brief period. While this doesn't secure Class 1-A the win, it goes to show that Tokoyami has improved and has sparked a serious rivalry with Vantablack, aka The Scheming Hero.


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