My Hero Academia Reveals All Might's Support Item

My Hero Academia has given many of their characters supporting items that allow heroes to better control their Quirks, and the latest installment of the series has revealed that All Might was counted among those heroes that had a support item of his own! As Midoriya continues to train in the quirk that is All For One, he begins to mull over the idea of using a support item of his own, considering the drawbacks of his powers that consistently see his bones being broken.

All Might details the fact that at one point, he wore a golden vest that apparently assisted him in crime fighting, though it was ultimately discarded. The support item itself isn't quite gone into detail, but All Might notes that he had to get rid of it as it was hampering his movement as a short range fighter. If All Might relied more on his abilities as a mid-range or long range fighter, than the support item would have made more sense at the end of the day. With Midoriya leaning toward using support items, this would certainly make for an effective strategy to gain further control of the All For One quirk.

Mei Hatsume is the biggest creator of support items for UA Academy, creating some of the biggest items that beneficially help so many students in the school. While Midoriya is often unable to be in her presence as he is intimidated by her appearance, its clear that the machinery that she works on will have a big impact on the heroes of the future of the world of My Hero Academia.


Midoriya has had some difficulty in mastering his powers, with All For One causing his bones to break as a result of its use. Now that he has taken on the strategy of using his legs more than his arms, he's become a much better hero overall and it came quite in handy during his fight against Overhaul. Deku still has a long way to go before he can officially take up the mantle of the "Symbol of Peace", but its clear that in using the resources given to him by UA Academy, he continues to move that much closer to achieving his goals.

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