My Hero Academia Gives Endeavor And Hawks Terrifying Challenge With High End Nomu

With the Overhaul arc and the Cultural Festival arc coming to an end in the fourth season of My Hero Academia's anime, it's clear that the franchise still has some surprises up its sleeve as it introduces a brand new ace in the hole for the League of Villains, the High End Nomu. The Nomu themselves have been genetic experiments created by the League that have been able to stand toe to toe with the likes of All Might, Endeavor, and numerous members of Class 1-A. As the new arc begins, so to is a terrifying new threat introduced.

The Nomu have been no laughing matter in the My Hero Academia franchise, with their first appearance proving that they could fight All Might to a stand still. Though the former "Symbol of Peace" was able to ultimately defeat the biological nightmare, it's clear that the League of Villains hasn't stopped production of these beings in the time since their appearances throughout the series, both against All Might and during the Stain arc. With the newest Nomu seemingly far more powerful than the ones we had seen before, he also has an added benefit of seemingly having a higher level of intelligence. WIth this "High End Nomu" having the ability to talk, it will be terrifying to see how it is able to make use of its intelligence.

In the latest installment of My Hero Academia, we are shown the dawning of a new age of heroes where the top heroes of the world are ranked. With this, a new number one and number two hero are revealed in the forms of Endeavor and Hawks respectively. As the two very different heroes take some time to discuss what is happening in the world, and meet a number of their fans, they are interrupted by the new High End Nomu who is looking to discover "who is the strongest?".


For those who follow the manga, you know that these new High End Nomu play a big role for the heroes of the world, as well as the aspiring heroes within UA Academy, as they hard not only extremely powerful quirks, but a dark secret that takes an emotional toll on several of the crime fighters of My Hero Academia to boot. In the anime, it seems as if Endeavor and Hawks are in for their fight of their lives against this new Nomu, putting the new number one and two heroes to the test.

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