My Hero Academia Shares First Look at Shigaraki's New Anime Design

My Hero Academia has shared the first look at Tomura Shigaraki's new design for the anime! The fifth season of the series will be nearing its end soon, and that also means that it is nearing the end of the fan favorite My Villain Academia arc. While fans are anxious to see how Tomura Shigaraki and the other members of the League of Villains fare in the battle against the Meta Liberation Army, the tide has begun to turn as each of them has begun to grow in their own special ways as they have pushed their quirks to the limits. 

This has been especially true for Shigaraki himself as not only was he getting stronger through the constant fighting against Gigantomachia, but this challenge from Re-Destro and his army has sparked some major memories within him. These have unlocked new forms of his power as well, and it seems like soon we'll be seeing a whole new kind of Shigaraki when all is said and done. This is going to be a quite literal physical transformation too, and My Hero Academia shared the first look at this new design in the latest issue of Shonen Jump. Check it out below as spotted by @Atsushi101X on Twitter: 

While this is the first proper look at Shigaraki's new evolved character design coming before the fifth season comes to an end, the anime has actually shared some sneak peeks into this new Shigaraki in previous episodes. Because the anime switched the events of the Endeavor Agency and My Villain Academia arcs around, fans actually got to see some spoilery looks into how this fight against the Meta Liberation Army ends. There have been enough teases, in fact, to piece it all together. 

This white haired version of Shigaraki first made an appearance in Episode 107 of the series before turning back the clock to the events of the My Villain Academia arc. This was a major foreshadowing of what was to come from this next arc, but ultimately spoiled how this fight was going to come to an end as Shigaraki and his new doctor ally were already planned for their next move against the heroes. But we'll see how that shapes up soon enough. 


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