Did You Catch This Namekian Nod in 'Dragon Ball Super'?

Episode 118 of Dragon Ball Super was one of the most packed in the series to date, so packed in fact that fans are still finding small details snuck into it much later.

The Namekians of Universe 6 and their mass fusion took many fans by surprise, and their skills are noticeable even after their elimination from the Tournament of Power.

As pointed out by Twitter user @ArchedThunder, Saonel of Universe 6 pulls an impressive Namekian trick and rapidly regenerates while trying to fight off Gohan's ultimate Kamehameha Wave.

In episode 118, the Universe 6 Namekians Pirina and Saonel were the last two members of Universe 6. Facing off with Gohan and Piccolo, the two revealed a sudden rise in power thanks to a mass fusion with Universe 6's Namekians. Because of this, Piccolo was overwhelmed by their power. Stuck in the inner world of his head, he had been filled with the visions of many desperate Namekians and thus lost the advantage against Pirina. Noticing this, Gohan instead took the lead and vowed to give Piccolo enough time to charge his Special Beam Cannon for a powerful counterattack.

True to his word, Gohan then garnered enough energy to eliminate the two Namekians with the help of Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon and Goku unleashing his own Kamehameha on another opponent.

This moment was not only great for Goku and Gohan's Father-Son Kamehameha, but as Twitter user @ArchedThunder points out, Saonel's rapid healing calls back to the Namekian healing ability. Thanks to his mass fusion, his power was increased to the point that the speed of the heal was almost instantaneous enough to miss.


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