Naruto Cosplay Dives Into The Malice of Orochimaru

Naruto cosplays may seem like they are a dime a dozen, but each one means something special to their creator. From heroes to villain, the fandom has embraced just about every part of Masashi Kishimoto's iconic series. Of course, some cosplays stand out among the rest, and many of those winners focus on Team 7. But thanks to one cosplayer, netizens are now giving Orochimaru an appraising look.

The piece comes courtesy of Instagram user miptbioexorcist as you can see below. The cosplayer, who is a clear fan of Naruto in all forms, has tried their hand with the Snake Sannin before. Their most recent cosplay was just posted for followers, and it is one of the best takes on Orochimaru that we've seen.

The look is simple enough, but its attention to detail makes it shine above so many others. Orochimaru is given a gender-fluid look as shown in the manga starting with the villain's long sleek hair. A face of make-up brings Orochimaru's purple markings to life, and some powder helps pale the Sannin as you'd expect. In the shot above, you can even see Orochimaru contending with oni masks which suits his dark aesthetic. But of course, no oni could hold a candle to Orochimaru when he gets going.

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If you want to check out this fan's other take on Orochimaru, you can head over to Instagram and check them out. You can find miptbioexorcist here