Naruto Promo Teases Boruto's New Rasengan

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime has been focusing on a training arc that is prepping Team 7 [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' anime has been focusing on a training arc that is prepping Team 7 for their big rematch with various members of the Kara Organization, and a new promo released for the next episode of the series promises that Boruto's new Rasengan will be unveiled! With Sarada training under her father Sasuke to better understand the power of the Sharingan, Boruto has been training beneath the sixth Hokage, and Copy Cat ninja, known as Kakashi who has been doing his best to teach the son of Naruto a brand new Rasengan that might prove to be the young ninja's most powerful attack!

The Rasengan was first introduced to Naruto by his, now deceased, mentor in Jiraiya, who was able to teach the future Hokage how to wield the power of this air based attack. While it took Naruto some time to learn how to wield this powerful jutsu, he was able to master it with the incorporation of his Shadow Clone Jutsu, giving himself a "partner" that could help balance the air pockets that were being created as a result of the energy expended. Passing from father to son, Boruto was able to learn the jutsu thanks in part to the teachings of Sasuke Uchiha and is seemingly mastering it with the man who taught the final member of the Uchiha Clan how to use the Chidori!

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared the new promo that doesn't quite show us the new Rasengan, but instead has Boruto narrating over a number of new scenes in the upcoming anime episode while also stating that he will in fact has a new Rasengan attack to show off in the future of the franchise:

While these events taking place in the anime differ from that of what we've seen in the manga slightly, it's clear that the series is finally focusing entirely on the battle against the Kara Organization after having fans wait for the main antagonist of the sequel series to make their presence known on the small screen. Needless to say, expect some amazing battles to be translated into the anime of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as the series continues!

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