Naruto Teases the Return of Shinki to Boruto

Boruto Uzumaki has plenty of friends at his back, but some of them took more cajoling than others. Mitsuki became a fast friend to the Hokage's son while guys like Shinki took a while to come around. Of course, Gaara's son is a special case as the Sand ninja doesn't get to see Boruto often. But thanks to a new update, fans can rest easy knowing Shinki is prepping a comeback.

Recently, the Boruto fandom began buzzing after a teaser surfaced online for episode 169. The user Maxpain144 (via OrganicDinosaur) helped circulate the tease with fans online, and it simply informs fans that Shinki is about to come back into focus.

At this time, the only info known about the comeback is that Shinki is involved along with Team 10. It seems likely the pair will undergo a joint mission similar to the One-Tail Escort arc, but there is no telling what kind of job the gang is dealing with. But if Shinki is involved, you can bet our heroes are going to run into some enemies along the way.

Boruto Naruto Shinki Episode 121

This update has been a long time coming as fans haven't heard from Shinki in awhile. The last time the Leaf ninja played into the anime was during the One-Tail Escort arc. Boruto and Shinki worked together closely during the ordeal, and they managed to stall Urashiki long enough for Sasuke to arrive. As you can imagine, the Otsutsuki didn't feel like fighting with the Uchiha, so the villain retreated ASAP.


After the pair were brought to the Hidden Leaf, Boruto and Shinki were able to level with one another. And while Shinki acted cold towards the boy, fans knew the pair were on the right path towards friendship. And unlike the bond between Naruto and Gaara, this one was made without any interference from Orochimaru or the Nine-Tails.

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