Naruto Changes Everything with Boruto's Major Death

Naruto Uzumaki has been through more trauma in his life than fans can say. From being a village pariah to losing loved ones and beyond, the Hidden Leaf hero has gone through a lot. For better or worse, Kurama has been with the boy every step of the way, but he cannot fix everything. And thanks to the newest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans know the bijuu may never offer comfort to Naruto again.

So you have been warned! Spoilers for Boruto's newest episode rest below! Please proceed with caution!

For those who do not know, Boruto dug deep into its emotions this week with its new episode. Fans watched as Naruto dealt with the fallout of his battle with Isshiki, and it wasn't pretty. After all, the hero was warned using Baryon Mode would kill him, and Naruto agreed to undertake the power regardless. So when the hero woke up in limbo, Boruto fans were already teary at the thought of the Hokage dying.

However, that death never came about. Instead, the only one who died in this episode was Kurama. The tailed beast chose to sacrifice his own life to save Naruto. In his last actions, Kurama burned off more of his power to keep Naruto alive even if just barely. It turns out Kurama planned to do this all the while if possible, and luck was in his favor. So in the worst twist, fans had to part with Kurama for good.

This isn't the first time Kurama has been separated from Naruto, but it appears to be the last. Back during the Great Ninja War, Kurama was taken from Naruto to help out Madara and Obito, and the forceful action put Naruto on death's door. However, Baryon Mode actually drained Kurama of energy and allowed him to die. This gentler transition is the only reason why Naruto didn't die following the loss, but its pain is no less sharp.


Now, Boruto fans are left to wonder how Naruto will continue without Kurama, and all of their questions are valid. We have no precedence for the Hokage's power sans Kurama, so it will be a learning curve for us all. And thanks to a certain Otsutsuki's comeback, well - it seems Sasuke is down for the count these days to boot.

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