Naruto Reveals How Isshiki Wants Boruto in His Plan

Boruto Uzumaki has quite the history despite his age, and it seems he is following in the steps of his father. After all, Naruto was a major magnet for trouble, and his power put him on the radar of many villains. This is true for Boruto given his near prodigal status, and fans just learned what Isshiki has in store for the young Uzumaki at last.

And as you might have guessed, his plans are no good. Isshiki Otsutsuki has nothing short of world domination on his mind, and he knows Boruto can make his plans a reality with a bit of luck.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

Fans were told about his big plans when the newest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations went live. It was there fans were given a brief lesson on how the Otsutsuki conquer with their Chakra Trees. As it turns out, two members of the family are needed, and Isshiki plans to use Boruto as a sacrifice since Kaguya went AWOL all those years ago.

"Isshiki was forced to live as a parasite inside Jigen's body. Kaguya turned traitor and the plan stalled," fans were told before Sumire pieced the whole situation together.

"You can't mean... Isshiki plans to use Boruto instead of himself as the sacrifice for the Ten Tails?!"


Later on in the series, this plan was confirmed by Isshiki himself. He wants to feed Boruto to the Ten Tails because it will power up the renegade monster. If you have a strong sacrifice to feed the Ten Tails, then its Chakra Tree will produce even more powerful fruit. That is the sort of power Isshiki wants to harvest down the line, and with Boruto carrying the power of Momoshiki within him, the baddie has found the perfect meal ticket for his plan.

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