Naruto Celebrates Sakura's Birthday with Gorgeous New Tribute

Naruto is one of the biggest franchises to ever come from Japan, and the series lives on today thanks to its heroes new and old. Boruto Uzumaki and his friends have been leading the IP in the wake of the mainline series closing. But still, Sakura Haruno has made herself a key figure in both series, so it is no surprise to see her get gifted some artwork for her birthday.

The official piece comes from Naruto and Boruto's official theme park in Japan. As you can see below, the attraction posted an original tribute dedicated to Sakura for her birthday, and it would put things lightly to call it gorgeous.

After all, Sakura is shown standing among some real-life cherry blossoms as they're blooming in Japan. A standee of the heroine is nestled within a flowering tree, and their pink hues all blend together. After all, Sakura is known for her light pink hair, so it melds with the nature behind her. And of course, she is celebrating her birthday in a blossom-printed yukata to match.

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As you can imagine, Naruto fans are obsessed with this tribute, and Sakura has been trending worldwide in light of her big day. It is still a big deal in the fandom whenever a Naruto character has a birthday, and none are celebrated like those on Team 7. But of course, no one in the anime is hyped as much as Naruto when his birthday comes around every October!

What do you think of this latest Sakura poster? Where does the Naruto heroine rank on your list of favorite ninjas? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.