Naruto Fans Rally Behind Ichiraku Ramen Set on LEGO Ideas

Naruto fans have begged for LEGO to give them an official kit based on the Hidden Leaf Village. Such a present has yet to be announced, so it seems two brick heads have taken it upon themselves to thrill fans. After all, the joint builders DadiTwins made a LEGO IDEAS pitch for Naruto that is receiving all the love.

As for right now, the fans' pitch for an Ichiraku Raamen Stand is going viral. It has over 9,000 signatures at this time and needs less than 1,000 to be reviewed by LEGO. The set has been met with rave reviews from fans, and if it is approved by LEGO, it would become the first anime set licensed by the global toy grand.

You can check out the video above to see how the Ichiraku Ramen Stand can be used. The kit builds the anime's classic ramen stall that Naruto cannot get enough of. The ninja loves ramen more than any other food, and he would often rope his team into buying him dinner there when they didn't have any missions to handle.

naruto lego

This pitch Naruto LEGO includes five mini-figures including Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Teuchi. The latter character, of course, is the owner of Ichiraku Ramen and runs it alongside his daughter Ayame. She is also included in this kit along with Iruka Umino, so there will be plenty of figures around for Naruto to mooch off.

The rest of the build comes with lots of accessories from food to flags and ninja weapons like shrunken. The kit is also a contained one so collectors won't have to make a lot of space for it.

"The set is perfect for display but also to play with with it," the co-creators said about the Naruto kit on their LEGO IDEAS page. "You can recreate different scenes of the series with the minifigs and play with the accessories they include. There is no limit for the imagination and kids would love to revive epic adventures with their favorite heroes!"

If you want to show your support for this kit, you can do so on LEGO IDEAS here. Once the kit reaches 10,000 signatures, fans will learn whether LEGO is ready to license up for Naruto and his ninja kin.


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