Lakeith Stanfield to Star in Netflix's Yasuke Anime

Netflix proved this week that the streaming service is definitely looking to be one of the biggest providers of anime when they announced an upcoming bevy of new series that would land on their platform, one of which incorporates the actor of Atlanta and Get Out fame in Lakeith Stanfield titled "Yasuke". The anime series, which will have Lakeith voicing the first African Samurai, will have a cavalcade of opponents and creatures for Yasuke to test his sword against as Netflix has released the series first character designs as well as a poster to paint a picture of this upcoming anime world!

Yasuke is, somewhat, based on a true story wherein the titular character was recorded as being Japan's first African samurai and eventually found himself becoming a full fledged samurai under the reign of Nobunaga Oda, a real life lord that has been used in various anime titles and video games throughout the decades. While the series itself won't be sticking strictly to real life events, as Netflix has stated that this wandering samurai will be matching his wits and his blades against both magic and mechs, it's clear that this will be another worthwhile series in Netflix's ever expanding roster of original anime series.

Netflix shared the first character designs on their Official Twitter Account, along with the Twitter User of YonkouProd sharing the first poster for the series that would put Lakeith Stanfield into the titular role of Yasuke for fans to consume next year:

The series is currently being produced by LeSean Thomas, the man responsible for the creation of another hit in Netflix's stable of anime with Cannon Busters. On top of these creative minds, the musician known as Flying Lotus will be providing the score for the series, which definitely has the makings of an anime classic!


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