One Piece Promises to Share Epic Luffy Scene in Next Episode

One Piece has been focused on Wano for months now, and the arc has earned a reputation with fans of being the best. From its story beats to all the gorgeous animation, Monkey D. Luffy has made it a point to impress fans. That is why his recent stint in prison has kept audiences glued to the TV, and the next episode of One Piece promises to give us one of the hero's best moments yet.

Recently, episode 948 of One Piece went live, and it was there fans caught up with Luffy. The hero has found himself in dire straits as the prisoner camp he's in is split down the middle. While everyone wants to escape, Queen has threatened Kaido's enemies into silence, but Luffy is not here for it. The hero is determined to escape, and the promo for episode 949 shows how far he will go to help others.

The clip can be seen above as it shows the prisoners fighting against the Beasts Pirates who oversee them. Something goes awry when the rebels being turning green. The attack seems to turn the fighters into husks of some sorts, but Luffy manages to fight back against the plague. And by the promo's end, Luffy is seen shouting off screen with determination like none other.

As you can imagine, Luffy has some hard work left to do at the prisoner camp, and manga readers know how the Straw Hat manages to rally the troops. Queen and his lackeys have made it seem as if the fighters trapped in prison have no choice but to obey. But as we all know, Luffy has a way with words and actions. The hero will certainly share something that motivates the gang to fight, and so fans can look forward to that big speech ASAP.


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